Advantages of learning from home 

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Learning from your own home with a real teacher is now possible. 

The best way to learn is to have a teacher personally guiding you on your study path. In this case, the difference is that you don't have to go to school, we bring the school to you!

Having online sessions with your teacher has many advantages:

You don't have to commute 

Everyone knows how busy we are nowadays. Parents are running around either driving their kids to different hobbies or to school, or commuting to work themselves.

No more worries about the traffic or weather. Learning from home saves you some valuable time. It is that simple.

When going to a school, in many cases (for example if you play the piano or drums) you can't bring your own instrument with you and that may sometimes feel frustrating. In other cases, even if you can carry your instrument, you will constantly have to pack and unpack before starting. 

Online lessons allow you to experience the comfort of playing your own instrument and still be guided by your teacher.

You can play from the comfort of your own home

Lessons in your mother tongue, or maybe combining practicing experiences? Up to you!

There are a lot of people studying or working abroad. Continuing your music lessons in your mother tongue might be what you need or want. Having the chance to learn your instrument in your own language can make things much easier.

Another option however, is to combine practicing your instrument and speaking in another language with one of our teachers. For this, you need a strong foundation of the other language of course. 

No geographic barriers

You are never forced to stop taking lessons for geographic reasons.

At home, at your summer house, on a work trip..where ever it may be, you can continue studying with us.

We want to offer the chance to learn for as many people and in as many different situations as we can.