Kristina Bogataj

Choral conducting

Teaching in: English, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian

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Image by Jouni Kuru (Brave Teddy)

Kristina Bogataj is a Slovenian conductor, singer, interdisciplinary artist, and educator. She graduated from Academy of Music in Ljubljana, and is currently finishing her second master's in choral conducting at Sibelius Academy.

Kristina is based in Helsinki, Finland. Currently, she conducts 3 Finnish choirs, including the international vocal group Lyckokatter that she established. She also sings and acts as a section leader in EMO Ensemble.

In Slovenia, Kristina has been singing in Carmen manet female choir, the first Eurovision Choir of the year (Latvia 2017). She has been working with choirs in Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France etc., through various projects, competitions (latest European Choral Association Award in Versailles 2019), and masterclasses (Gary Graden in Sweden, Romāns Vanags in Germany etc.). 

Apart from the choirs, she acts as an opera chorus master for various productions in Helsinki, leads workshops, gives private lessons, performs as a singer or pianist on different occasions. She cooperates with PhD in One Night artistic collective, creating indisciplinary interventions and inclusive artistic projects. In leading choirs, her work is centered around a pedagogically sensitive choice of repertoire, and through that, creating a respectful path towards rich and honest musical expression.