Katilyne Roels


Teaching in: English, Dutch, Flemish

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Katilyne Roels, originally from Belgium, is a professional harpist that gained her master’s degree at the Sibelius Academy in 2021 with teachers Päivi Severeide and Stefania Saglietti. Previously she has been studying her bachelor’s degree at the Royal conservatory of Ghent with Arielle Valibouse. Katilyne will gain her pedagogical degree later in 2021.

Roels has orchestra experience in various orchestras such as Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Finnish National Opera and Turku Philharmonic Orchestra amongst many others. With those orchestras, Roels has appeared on television and radio of the Finnish broadcasting company YLE as well as online live-streams. Roels participated in masterclasses of renowned harpists such as Sivan Magen, Anneleen Lenaerts, Emmanuel Ceysson, Isabelle Perrin, Agnès Clément and Bernard Andrès to name a few.


As a freshly graduated Master of music, Roels is planning to explore music in a broader way rather than focussing only on the classical side of music. Out of this curiosity grew a collaboration with composer Emil Sana. The composing duo has made their premiere of first made work ‘Trapped’ at MuTeFest’20 in November 2020 in Finland.


Katilyne is passionate about handing over her knowledge through teaching. Roels has experience teaching private lessons both in real life as online since 2018.