Javier Sánchez Pérez

Double bass

Electric bass

Jazz composition

Teaching in: English and Spanish

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Javier Sanchez is a Spanish bassist and composer based in Helsinki. Javier is a versatile double bass, electric bass, and fretless bass player which emphasizes a melodic approach to his way of playing. His music merges elements from Latin-Jazz and flamenco into original compositions. His repertoire explores paths to foster and develop music styles, originally born through the fusion of various cultures sharing the same land. He has actively led small and large ensembles all over the world and has been featured in multiple albums as a bassist, composer, and arranger. He combines his musical activity with the academic field as pedagogue and researcher of traditional music styles and their inclusion in a modern musical context. Javier is also an endorser of Warwick basses, leader of the ensemble Cuejero and member of many other bands.  

Javier has accomplished a remarkable academic career. He was born in Madrid (Spain) where he began his music studies as a pupil of the Jazz pedagogue Felix Santos. He also studied bass performance and composition at Escuela de Musica Creativa during his youth. Later on, he completed his bachelor of music pedagogy at the Complutense University of Madrid in 2011. Afterward, he moved to Boston (USA) in 2012, where he received a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music. During that time, he developed different methods to approach musical traditions in a diversity of modern musical contexts and he was taught by prestigious musicians (Bob Pilkington, Greg Hopkins, Simon Shaheen, Victor Bailey, Lincoln Goines, Anthony Vitti, and Oscar Stagnaro, to name a few). Javier graduated with honors in 2015, obtaining a bachelor of music with a minor in Mediterranean music studies. Afterward, he began his master studies at Sibelius Academy in Finland and Royal Academy of Music in Denmark as a member of the Nordic Master of Global Music (GLOMAS). During that time, he was able to deepen into the possibilities of arranging and performing flamenco music for a large ensemble with the supervision of the renowned composer Jens Christian Jensen "Chappe". He graduated in 2017 and received the highest academic grade for his project "Composing a tradition" where he featured his compositions arranged for a big band. During the same year, he established his base in Helsinki (Finland) where he studied at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He gained his master of music from Metropolia in 2019 with his thesis about "The role of the bass in flamenco music", which has lead him to artistic doctorate research at Sibelius Academy.