Frequently Asked Questions
1. What do I need for the first meeting?

You need a laptop or a tablet, the Zoom software (you can donwload from this link) and possibly the instrument you want to learn to play or improve. If you don't have your instrument yet, the first meeting is a good opportunity to discuss what would be the right choice for you to get started. When we start the lessons, of course, you will need it.

2. What do I need to take lessons?

1) The instrument you want to take lessons in.

2) A computer or a tablet.

3) Internet connection (wifi or Ethernet cable connection). The better the internet signal the better the quality of the communication during your lessons.

4) An app/program to implement distance learning (Zoom). Please try Zoom before the first lesson so you know it works.

5) A quiet place at home (not too much background noise)

3. How many lessons can I have?

You can have just a few lessons or as many and as frequently as you want. The vast majority of students take regular weekly lessons of 30, 45 or 60 minutes and some take even more. We strive to accommodate each students needs and book our schedules accordingly.

4. How can I book the lesson or pack of lessons?

Book your first free meeting appointment. During that first meeting  you can discuss with your teacher about the type of lessons you would like to take. You can also decide this later by contacting us by Chat, email or phone. Then fill and submit the form with your information. You will receive a confirmation email with an invoice to be paid at least two days before starting. Payments for the 12, 24 and 44 lessons can be devided into more instalments. Simple! 

5. Can I cancel a lesson or move it?

Please read our Rules page. 

6. I never played before and I think I am too old to learn. Is there a limitation?

We have no upper age limit and not having any musical backround is not a problem with us. If you are more than 11 years old, you can start anytime. You will be guided step by step in your learning process by one of our professional teachers.