For Digital nomads

& Expats

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Progress in technology allows us to deliver high quality music lessons online. At the International Music Institute Online, we wanted it to feel like your teacher is right there in the same room with you. Our teachers are trained to offer you the best possible online lesson and experience.

They speak several different languages and are from all over Europe. Being expats and travellers themselves for their musical studies and work, they are eager to share their knowledge with our international students.

Learning an instrument requires continuity


Together with the motivation, continuity is key in learning an instrument and achieving rewarding results. This means taking lessons regularly (weekly or biweekly), being guided by a professional teacher and maintaining a consistent practice rhythm. If you attend a local music school but have a digital nomad/expat lifestyle, you have to interrupt your studies and search for a new teacher in your next destination. Our online music school offers you the opportunity to maintain the continuity you need, no matter where you live or move.

Structure = Success. Regular meetings help people achieve good progress


When we find ways to keep pursuing our goals even in changing environments, the goals become more reachable. Regular meetings with your teacher allow you to enjoy your journey in music with confidence you’re actually moving forward. There's no need to waste time in commuting when we use our digital skills. It’s easy, the school comes to your home, and you can reschedule your appointment up to 24 h before in case of necessity. If you’re an expat or a digital nomad, our school is the obvious answer in keeping your music studies regular.

Stop starting from zero with a new teacher every time. Instead, build a long term relationship and a steady path for your learning.


While living in different countries gives us the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, changing teachers while learning to play an instrument, can result in a much more difficult learning process. Having the same teacher create a long term study plan with you, builds trust and guarantees continuity in the process, which is fundamental if we wish to see real results. When you study at IMIO, your teacher follows you if you move, and becomes a reliable professional you can count on, to keep improving.

You can learn in your native language, or practice using another - improving two skills at the same time.


Moving abroad usually means changing many things, including your everyday language. When many things change, learning in your native language can make life easier. However, in some cases - learning to play an instrument using another language (that you have a good foundation in), can help you improve or maintain it at a good level. At IMIO we offer lessons for several different instruments and subjects, in many different languages.

To learn how to play an instrument relieves stress and can be very rewarding.

Music makes us calm. It has a unique effect on our emotions and has been proven to lower our heart rate and blood pressure. 

Playing music puts our energy and focus on something positive which can help us lower stress, and when our stress level goes down, our blood pressure and heart rate go down to a healthy level as well.

Starting to play an instruments is proven to be beneficial at any age. When you study with us at IMIO, you can start anytime of the year, from any level and without entrance examinations.

Having a teacher guiding you through live lessons, helps you improve faster

Being personally guided by a teacher has been proven to provide better and faster results. A good teacher knows what’s best for you and can guide you in taking the right steps.

A teacher can correct you immediately, which is extremely important for future efforts, and show you how to overcome difficulties making your journey in music more pleasant. When you have questions, you will not be left wondering.

Our teachers at the International Music Institute Online, are highly qualified in music and teaching methodologies, with years of experience as performers and teachers. We care about all of our students and always make our best effort to guarantee a high quality learning experience.